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Ningbo Ingenta Mold & Machinery Co.,Limited

Ningbo Ingenta Mold & Machinery Co.,Limited


Ningbo Ingenta Mold & Machinery Co.,Limited
About Us
Ingenta is one of the most professional supplier of equipment and services to the global PET bottle manufacturing industry We have more than 15 years of experience in this market We offer pet preform injection molding system pet bottle blowing system and cap making system preform injection molds blow moulds cap moulds perform bottle and cap design and development factory planning along with a comprehensive global sales and support network Ingenta systems deliver the highest productivity levels and the lowest production costs for all of our customer Ingenta turn key solutions reduce total part cost resulting in a higher return on investment Easy to operate fully integrated workcells Quality...

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Plastic Caps5Gallon CapsPet PreformsOil Cap Mold48mm neck CapHopper LoaderBig Neck Caps28mm Neck CapsWide Neck Caps38mm neck caps30mm Neck CapsPet Resin Dryer26g Pet Preforms20g Pet Preforms2L Water Bottles25g Pet Preforms15g Pet PreformsSteel Blow MouldJuice bottle capsPet Preform MouldPlastic Cap MoldsJars Pet Preforms28mm plastic capsWater Pet BottlesJars Plastic CapsAir Filter System6cavity Blow Mold5Gallon Cap Mouldwater bottle capsPet Preform Molds05W Water ChillerCosmetic Cap MoldAir Cooled ChillerCap Lining MachinePet Preform MouldsPlastic Cap Moulds4cavity Blow MoldsPet Hopper Loaders3cavity Blow MouldWater Pet PreformsHigh Quality Dryer5Gallon Pet Bottle1cavirty Blow MouldPlastic Bottle CapsHot Runner Cap MoldDehumidifying DryerPlastic Pet BottlesPet Preforms MakingDrinking Pet BottlePet Injection MoldsAir Purifier SystemWater Cooling TowerPet Plastic BottlesCap Folding MachineCap Slitting MachinePlastic Pet PreformsPlastic Caps of 28mmBig Neck Pet PreformWater Cooled Chillercap for water bottle5Gallon Water BottleAluminium Blow MoldsHot Runner Cap MoldsSuction Powder HopperAluminium Blow MouldsCaps for water bottlePlastic Hopper LoaderVacuum Loading System0.5L Brown Pet BottlePiston Air Compressor55mm neck pet preformPlastic Dryer with CE2cavity Blowing MoldsHot Runner Cap MouldsCap Injection MachinePet Preforms for JarsCaps for Juice BottleDrink Bottle Cap MoldCold Runner Cap Moulds28mm neck Pet PreformsMulti Cavity Cap Molds38mm Neck Pet Preforms8cavity Preform Moulds20L bottle Pet PreformWide Neck Pet PreformsEdible Oil Pet BottlesAir Compressor with CEPet Preforms for JuicePet Bottle Blow MouldsLow Pressure Air FilterAluminium Blowing MouldMulti Cavity Cap MouldsPlastic Blowing MachinePet Bottle for DrinkingCap Compression MachineCaps for Plastic Bottle500ml Water Pet BottlesCaps for 5gallon bottleLining Machine for CapsBrown Color Pet BottlesPlastic PET Preform MoldIndustrial Cooling TowerHot Runner Oil Cap MouldHigh Pressure Air FilterPlastic Caps for 5gallonPet Preforms for 5gallonplastic water bottle capPet Blow Machine with CECaps for Hot fill bottlePlastic Caps for bottlesCaps for beverage bottle1MPA Pressure Air FilterPlastic Crushing MachinePet Preforms for beveragePlastic PET Preform MouldAutomatic Suction MachineLow Noise Plastic CrusherSlitting Machine for CapsPlastic Threaded ClosuresPlastic Shampoo Cap MouldShampoo Bottles Cap Molds16cavity Pet Preform MoldLow Pressure Air PurifierPlastic Bottle Blow MouldAir Cooled Chiller with CEPet Blow Moulding MachinesBlue Color 5Gallon PreformIndustrial Chiller with CE32cavity Pet Preform MoldsPet Preforms for 28mm neckCap Moulds with Hot RunnerHigh Pressure Air PurifierPlastic Cap Making Machine4cavity Pet Preform MouldsPlastic Cap Lining Machine2L Pet Bottle for Drinking48cavity Pet Preform MoldsPiston Type Air CompressorIndustry Air Filter SystemBottle Cap Making MachinesBottle Cap Folding MachinePet Plastic Preform Moulds24cavity Pet Preform MouldsLow Pressure Air CompressorBottle Cap Slitting MachineHot Runner Pet Preform MoldPet Bottle Sgredder MachineDryer for Pet Bottle makingDehumidifying Dryer for PETPlastic Auxiliary Equipment3cavity Pet Blowing MachinePet Bottles for Nut PackingPet Injection Preform MouldPlastic Auxiliary MachineryPet Bottle Crushing MachinePlastic Cap Folding MachineDehumidifying Dryer with CEPlastic Dehumidifying Dryer5.5KW 1.2MPA Air CompressorBottle shaped Cooling Tower6cavity Aluminim Blow MouldPet Preforms for Apple JuicePet Bottles with Brown ColorPet Bottle for 5Gallon Water1MPA Low Pressure Air FilterStretch Blow Molding MachinePlastic Auxiliary EquipmentsHot Runner Pet Preform MoldsPlastic Caps for Pet BottlesLow Pressure 1MPA Air Filter4000bph Blow Molding MachineMulti Cavity Drink Cap MouldHigh Pressure Air CompressorPet Preforms for water bottlePet Preform Injection MachinePet Preforms for 500ml bottle5L 120mm Neck Blowing MachineCosmetic Pet Bottle Cap Mould2L Pet Bottles for Edible OilPlastic caps for water bottlePet Preforms for juice Bottle3cavity Pet Bottle Blow MouldCap Injection Molding MachineAir Cooled Industrial Chiller4MPA High Pressure Air FilterPet Preforms for Food PackagePlastic Caps for water BottlesBlow Mould for 6cavity MachineBlow Mould for 4cavity Machine20L Pet Bottle Blowing MachineValve Gate Pet Injection MouldPlastic Bottle Crusher MachineBlowing Molds for Water Bottle12040Kcal/h Air Cooled Chiller19000Kcal/h Air Cooled ChillerLow Pressure Aif Filter System13500Kcal/h Industrial ChillerFull Automatic Blowing MachineAir Filter for Blowing MachinePlastic Material Hopper LoadersPlastic Automatic Hopper Loader4m3/min Low Pressure Air FilterCap Compression Molding Machine11kw Motor Power Air CompressorHigh Pressure Air Filter System4mpa Pressure Air Filter System5L Bottle Blow Moulding MachineMulti cavity Pet Preform MouldsPet Bottle Blow Molding MachinePlastic Injection Preform MouldBlow Moulds to Blow Pet BottlesPet Bottle Plastic Blow Machine2cavity Pet Blow Molding Machine3m3/min High Pressure Air Filter5m3/min High Pressure Air FilterPet Preform Mould for Pet Bottle8cavity Hot Runner Preform Molds15KW Low Pressure Air Compressor1MPA Low Pressure Air Compressor168Ton Plastic Injection Machine24cavity Hot Runner Preform Mold900bph Automatic Blowing Machine2cavity Jars Pet Blowing Machine48cavity Valve Gate Preform Mold21150Kcal/h Water Cooled ChillerPet Preform Molds for Pet BottlePet Preforms for beverage bottleAutomatic Bottle Crusher MachinePet Bottle Blow Molding MachinesPet Preforms for Blowing BottlesPet Bottles for Beverage Packing2.0m3/min Low Pressure Air FilterCooling Tower for Blowing MachineCooling Tower For Plastic MachineDehumidifying Dryer for Pet Resin8cavity Plastic Pet Preform MouldHigh Pressure Air Purifier System120mm Neck Bottle Blowing Machine60kw High Pressure Air CompressorPet Bottle Automatic Blow Machine5L Pet Bottle with Handle for OilJars Bottle Blow Moulding Machine15kw High Pressure Air Compressor4MPA High Pressure Air Compressor4cavity Plastic Bottle Blow MouldCrystallization Neck Pet PreformsAutoloader for Plastic Industrial3cavity Automatic Blowing MachinePet Preforms for Carbinated Drink22kw High Pressure Air Compressor3cavity for 2L Bottle Blow Machine2cavity Pet Bottle Blowing Machine3cavity Automatic Pet Blow Machine268T Pet Preform Injection MachineFull Automatic Pet Blowing MachineLow Pressure 1.2MPA Air CompressorPet Preform Moulds for Pet BottlesPlastic Injection Moulding Machine6000bph Pet Bottle Blowing MachinePet Preforms for soft drink bottleSemi-automatic Blow Molding Machine4000bph Jars Bottle Blowing MachinePet 10L Bottle Blow Molding MachineBig Neck Pet Bottle Blowing Machine5L Bottle Automatic Blowing MachineCooling Tower for Injection Machine2Cavity Pet BLowing Molding Machine18.5KW High Pressure Air Compressor1cavity Full Automatic Blow Machine4 in 1 High Pressure Air Compressor3.0mpa High Pressure Air CompressorJars Bottle Blowing Molding Machine5L Pet Bottle Blow Moulding MachineFull Automatic Blow Molding Machine63mm Neck Pet Blow Moulding MachineWater Bottle Plastic Blowing MachineWater Bottle Blowing Machine with CE2cavity Small Bottle Blowing MachineHigh Pressure Air Compressor with Ce2cavity 1200bph for 10L Blow Machine48cavity Pet Preform Injection MouldPet Injection Moulding Machine 368tonCombined High Pressure Air CompressorHigh Speed Injection Moulding MachinePet Preform Injection Molding MachineAir Cooled Industrial Chiller with CE3in1 Dehumidifying Dryer DehumidifyingFull Automatic Pet Bottle Blow Machine10L Bottle Full Automatic Blow MachineInjection Molding Machine to Make Caps6cavity Automatic Blow Molding Machine4cavity Full Automatic Blowing Machine308T Preform Injection Molding MachineIndustrial Chiller For Plastic Machine2000bph Bottle Blowing Molding Machine2Cavity Automatic Blow Molding Machine268T Preform Injection Molding Machine900bph Pet Bottle Blow Moulding Machine5m3/min High Pressure Air Filter SystemPlastic Pet Bottle Blow Molding Machine4cavity Jars Pet Bottle Blowing MachinePet Bottle Stretch Blow Molding MachinePet Bottle Plastic Blow Molding MachinePlastic Cap Compression Molding MachineHigh Quality Plastic Dehumidifying DryerAir Filter System for Making Pet BottlesBig Neck Pet Bottle Blow Molding MachineSemi-automatic Pet Blow Moulding Machine1cavity 1.5L Bottle Blow Molding Machine1cavity Jars Bottle Blow Molding MachinePet Bottle Stretch Blow Moulding Machine120neck Pet Bottle Blow Moulding MachineHigh Speed Injection Machine for PreformsPlastic Injection Molding Machine for PETPet Bottle Stretch Blow Moulding MachinesAir Compressor System for Blowing MachinesPet Bottle 5L 2400bph Blow Molding MachineHigh Quality Pet Injection Molding Machine3000bph Pet Bottle Blowing Molding Machine700ml Bottle Automatic Blow Molding Machine10L Pet Bottle Blow Molding Machine with CEWater Cooled Chiller for Making Pet BottlesFull Automatic Blow Moulding Machine 900bphPlastic Preforms Injection Moulding MachineHigh Pressure Air Filter for Blowing Machine32cavity Hot Runner Preform Injection Moulds1Cavity 1200bph Automatic Blow Molding MachinePlastic Injection Molding Machine to Make CapsSemi-automatic Pet Stretch Blow Molding MachineHigh Pressure Air Compressor for Blowing MachinePrecision Plastic Injection Molding Machine for PETPlastic Injection Molding Machine to make Pet PreformsPlastic Injection Molding Machine for Making Pet Preforms
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